NY’s daily coronavirus death rate falls below 100 for first time since March as Cuomo eyes Long Island reopening

Coronavirus deaths dropped below 100 in a single day in New York state — the first time since March 24 — and the positive trends in fighting the virus mean Long Island can reopen as soon as Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday.

“It’s a sign that we are making real progress and I feel good about that,” Cuomo said.

On Friday, 84 people in New York died from coronavirus — down from 109 a day earlier. The peak of daily deaths was 799 people on April 8.

Cuomo said the 84 deaths occurred on the 84th straight day of New York’s coronavirus crisis and marked an important milestone that he had been aiming for — finally dropping below 100 daily deaths.

“Eighty-four is still a tragedy. No doubt. But the fact that it’s down as low as it is, is really overall good news,” Cuomo said.

Sixty-two of the coronavirus victims Friday died in hospitals and 22 in nursing homes, according to the governor.

Coronavirus daily deaths in New York State

Coronavirus daily deaths in New York State

In another sign of positive news that hard-hit New York is finally emerging from the coronavirus crisis, Cuomo says Long Island could begin reopening this week.

“At this rate, we could open by Wednesday if the number of deaths continues to decline and we get that [contact] tracing up,” Cuomo said. “So that is also very good news.”

On Long Island, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said she’s been in talks with Cuomo about the Phase One reopening and her community is ready.

“Everyone’s ready to get back to work,” Curran told Fox News Saturday, noting that businesses are coming up with “forward-thinking” solutions on how to safely reopen.

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