National security adviser O’Brien says Trump deserves Nobel Peace Prize after Israel, UAE announce deal

President Trump should be eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize after the “historic” agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien told “Hannity” Thursday.

“He brought forth the … vision for Middle East peace to get an Israeli-Palestinian peace plan back in play and he’s brought peace to Afghanistan, at least between the U.S. and the Taliban,” O’Brien told host Sean Hannity. “We haven’t lost a soldier in Afghanistan since February 29 in combat and we’re going to be down to 5,000 troops in Afghanistan. And now he’s brought peace to Israel and the UAE.


“I mean, it’s a pretty remarkable record of achievement. I don’t know who else would be in the running for a Nobel Prize if it’s not President Trump.”

O’Brien described the Middle East deal as a “huge accomplishment” for the president, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zyad and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“What courage it took for those men to come together and what skill it took for the president to bring them together to bring peace to the Middle East,” he said. “The first time in 25 years that Israel and an Arab country have signed a peace accord.”

O’Brien echnoed White House senior adviser Jared Kushner in saying that the Israel-UAE agreement, known as the Abraham Accord, may be the first of many fruitful negotiations in the near future.


“I think we’re just getting rolling here,” he said. “The president’s already been in touch with other leaders in the region. His diplomats and our team have been out talking to folks … I think we’re going to see peace breaking out in a number of countries and even in some different regions. I think we’re going to see something interesting happen in Serbia, Kosovo soon.”

“The president’s known as a great dealmaker,” O’Brien added. “History is going to remember him as a great peacemaker.”

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